Join The Pirate Crew

Crewmates we need:

After filling out the form please open a ticket with us.

Collab Job Description

Collab Managers are paid 1 SOL per week. When you get a full 10 slot FCFS filled out you will be given an additional .5 SOL. We expect collab managers to set up at least 7 collabs per week. 

What are we looking for?

We are looking for Solana communities where we can find new players for our games.

We want to find new players. We also want to find the whales on SOL who spend money on games like DCF, Immortals, DuelBots, Oak, Senzoku, etc.

Discords you set up collabs with must have a minimum of 1500 members and be a Solana community.

Collab Template

Ahoy Matey’s! :pirateshiparr: Pirate Rush :explode: be a gaming project with a swashbuckling theme that offers three custom-built casino-style games. In our Mines Game, Ye can win up to 8000x yer wager if ye be lucky enough. We also have a 50/50 Coin Flip Game to test yer luck, and in our Pirate Chest Loot Box Game, where ye can earn up to 500 times yer wager.

:PirateLoot: We be offering 10 FCFS to ye scurvy dogs to enter our Pirate Rush :explode: games and play with FREE gaming tokens. These tokens will give ye a 25% cut of yer earnings back as gold nuggets :Nuggets: , which can be redeemed as SOL. 🎉

⚓ Sail Ho! a new Turtle racing game called Turtles of Tortuga :Turtles: , is on the horizon and will arrive early 2023. So come join the fun and become a member of the Pirate Rush crew and join the hunt for blockchain booty!

To qualify for the giveaway

☠️ – Follow the Pirate Rush NFT account
☠️ – Like and Retweet our pinned tweet
☠️ – Join Pirate Rush Discord
☠️ – Drop Dao proof and Twitter Proof in your Daos Folder
☠️ – Drop your Solana Address –

Pirate Rush will send you an NFT worth a random amount of bonus nuggets from 50 – 500 which can be played up to 50 times or if you’re the luckiest in the 7 seas ye might gamble it all find yourself winning up to 100 SOL! 🎉

Collab Payment

Fill in the following Google Sheet with the Discord Name + Wallet address + Community Name of the players who join your FCFS. (Ready 2 Send Sheet) 

Submit the form below to request payment for a successful 10 FCFS collab. 

Game Streamer Description

Game streamers / organizers are paid 1 SOL per stream. Streams must be pre-planned for at least 48 hours to be eligible for payment. Streams with 20+ players are paid 2 SOL. Streamers are supplied with 1000 Nuggets per stream. We expect players to use the full balance of nuggets and keep a record of wallets from the chat of viewers to reward them nuggets at the end of a stream.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for hyper degens who can entertain a crowd of people. We are looking for regular weekly streams of our games and running discord games. We are also looking for players who want to collaborate with other communities to organize poker games, trivia contests, etc.

If you are consistent, super degen, not afraid to be loud and fun, and ready to entertain this is a position for you!

Stream Scheduling / Payment

Fill in the following form to schedule a stream on Discord. We can provide graphics, schedule the event, and send you nuggets for the stream. After the stream we will send you 1/2 SOL depending on how many players showed up for your stream.