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RoadMap v2

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Finish RushGames Website and Branding
Website and Branding.
In-Game Token
New game token 'Nuggets' will be used to play the Rush games and will enable the ability to have other currencies like ETH, BTC deposits.
Raffle Tickets
Playing Rush Games will allow you to start earning raffle tickets towards weekly drawings and giveaways for NFTs, Nuggets, and more!
Nugget Payout
Holders of all Mines Rush NFTs will begin to earn their payouts in Nuggets. Holders can exchange their nuggets for Solana or play games with them.
Turtles of Tortuga
Our brand new game Turtles of Tortuga will be launched as a haven for pirates to escape to once they've had a successful day pillaging the seas! Based on horse racing this game will keep you glued with chances to more than 200x your bet!
Wheel of Fortune
An improved version of the daily holder spin wheel. Pay to spin for a chance to win nuggets, NFTs, raffle tickets, and more!
PvP Liars Dice / Pirate's Dice
Based on the game Liars dice we'll be launching our very own Pirate Dice game. This will be a game where you battle against yer fellow pirate to see who the superior bull shitter is! Winner takes all!
Staking + Missions
Along with all the games and utility, we are planning on bringing in Staking and Mission to the PirateRush games. You will be able to stake for rewards and complete missions.
2023 and beyond
We plan on introducing a series of PvP games (Pirate vs Pirate). We plan on launching a dice game (Yahtzee), a board game (Connect 4), and a battle game (Battle Ship). All games will continue to follow the style of pirates!