Pirate Rush is built to be a collection of amazing crypto games where players can stake their purses for a chance to win big. 

We aim to build a strong community of pirates that hold our valuable NFTs and earn weekly payouts in the form of nuggets that can be exchanged for Solana. 

The founders of Pirate Rush are designers and developers themselves. They have spent years working in design and development agencies building incredible businesses for other companies and Pirate Rush has been born to be their own passion project. By becoming a holder you can come along with them in their voyage to build a community of degen pirates and be rewarded in passive income!

The first games produced by the Captains were initially a Mines game followed by a 50/50 game. This was our break-in to the market and the next soon-to-be game will be a completely unique game called The Turtles of Tortuga promised to be launched before the end of the 2022 year. The games that follow next in 2023 will be a series of Pirate v. Pirate games that will allow you to put your nuggets up against another Pirate and play to win the pot. 

Our Games

100% Fair and Secure

Trust what you can check. All games on Pirate Rush are completly fair. Bets can be checked in-game and verified. Instant withdraw and deposits.

Six years in the market

Every day we work hard to give our community games where they can let go and just have fun. Be part of an entertaining, safe lucrative gaming experience that keeps getting better by the second!



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